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There once was a time when petroleum motor oils were adequate. Engines were large, oil supply was generous, and oil flow was moderate. Under normal conditions, there were no severe demands placed on you engine's lubricating system. But, times have changed. Today's engines not only work harder and run hotter, they also have less capacity and pump it much faster. High performance engines need TECHNICALLY-ADVANCED PROTECTION... They need AMSOIL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL. The superior lubrication properties of AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil pick up where the old fashioned, conventional oil fail to perform. AMSOIL chemically formulated to stand up to the higher temperatures, churning RPM's, and extreme pressures of modern engines. AMSOIL's engineered oils feature DRAMATICALLY-EXTENDED drain intervals.. and PERFORMANCE. They continue to lubricate, cool, and protect your engine, long after conventional oil have broken down, or completely failed. TIMES HAVE CHANGED. . . WHY NOT consider switching you vehicles and equipment to THE pioneer in synthetic research and engineered synthetic lubricants? AMSOIL 100% SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL.

We provide custom lubrication solutions to all types of customers. From families to trucking fleets, we have the products and expertise to help you save time and money. We serve customers across North America, and we are always happy to help any way we can. Contact us for more information on AMSOIL products, for help determining which products you need or to place an order. You can also order online.


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